Local Members and National Office

Phone numbers of local members who have experienced the death of a child are given to you.

Whenever you need to talk, ask questions, or share your feelings, they are ready.

Chapter Leader:

Claudia Margitay-Balogh
(203) 377-0569

National Office Contact Information:

Toll Free (877) 969-0010     Fax (630) 990-0246

P.O. Box 3696  Oak Brook, IL 60522-3696


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One Response to Local Members and National Office

  1. avatar Kathy Hart says:

    Hi My name is Kathy I lost my 33 year old son July 19th I an looking for support and some one gave me your information he has been going there for a couple years. when is the next meeting i would like info sent to me .

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