March / April Newsletter

Spring is arriving.  It has been a very mild winter and hopefully for those of us who have difficulty with the change of seasons, this weather will help soften the pain.  With Spring comes holidays and new life.  For the newly bereaved, it can be a shock as we become emotional over holidays like St. Patricks Day and April Fools Day.  We expect Easter and Passover to bring the tears, but I was totally unprepared for the wave of emotions that hit over the “silly” holidays.  Often, these are the holidays which bring many memories depending on family traditions.  April Fools was huge in my home.  The best we can do, is recognize the days and our grief for what it is, to sit with it, honor it and remember that we have made it this far, we will survive yet another day.

Here is our TCF March April Newsletter.

Wishing you an abundance of peace and hope this season!



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