September/October Newsletter

Fall is in the air and with the winds of change also come a feeling of anxiety.  The holidays are closing in, bringing a uneasy, unsettling feeling to most.  It is no surprise that our subconscious feels these changes before they even happen.  This is where TCF may be able to help.  Our meetings consist of many who have been experiencing these changes for years, and have learned coping mechanisms.   We will NEVER tell you how to grieve, however, we will offer support, hope, and ideas that have worked for us in the past.

Join us the second Tuesday of each month while we gather to listen, share, and create a safe environment for your grief.

Here is our TCF SeptOct Newsletter

As always, please reach out to us ANYTIME.  You are able to find all our contact information on the first page of our newsletter.

My tears still fall my heart still can't handle the pain.:

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